Sector 5 is an upcoming Berlin based Pop-Rock band creating original songs by mixing grinding guitar sounds with catchy pop melodies.

The band originally started out as two brothers, heavily inspired by the likes of Nirvana and the Foo Fighters, making rock music at ages 9 and 6.

Over the years Sector 5 developed from bedroom rockers to experienced showmen, whilst continuously merging their music with the pop genre and by doing this, creating their signature sound.

While attending a Berlin Music Institute, they expanded into a group of three. Currently the band consists of Mika (lead vocals/guitar), Sami (drums) and Jules (bass/keys). With all three members being active songwriters, the Sector 5 sound reaches all the way from hard rock to melancholic pop and even hip hop.

Their iconic sound has brought them opportunities to play shows in venues such as Postbahnhof, Cassiopeia and Lido. By being able to perform their songs, Sector 5 are living out their passion for music while aiming to make a name for themselves in the Berlin music scene.


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